Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Why choose to do an in-home lifestyle newborn session?

Real life is just captivating. Your newborn stretching out their teeny tiny toes, your toddler peeking in the crib at their new brother or sister, everyone piled on the bed together, sleepy but elated. These moments and so many more can go unnoticed and it's my goal, along with many other photographers to pull attention from the perfectly held smile to the love that lights that smile up. This is where lifestyle newborn sessions come in and if you are unfamiliar with how they work you are about to be amazed that you hadn't gone with this type of session before.

What's the difference between traditional and lifestyle photography? 

  • Traditional - you have to get dressed up and coordinate outfits

  • Lifestyle - Heck, let's have a PJ party!

  • Traditional - You stress about making sure everyone sits still, poses correctly and doesn't act up

  • Lifestyle - Your family shines their brightest when they are just being themselves. When you let go of 'perfect' and see what happens, you are going to get those genuine laughs and smiles.

  • Traditional - Almost always on location

  • Lifestyle - I can come to your home!

What does it look like?

Let me show you...